My 6 cut red on a cafeteria tray in the formal yet relaxed dining room. At least the tray is red though.

Brutico’s Restaurant – Old Forge, PA

There are a seemingly endless number of choices to make when it comes to Old Forge pizza in the “Pizza Capital of the World.”  On the main street in old forge alone, there are a handful of pizza places literally within 100 yards of each other.  Perhaps a lesser known Old Forge Pizza joint (compared to Revello’s and Arcaro and Genell) is Brutico’s.  The place is super classy, clean, relaxed, and has a wonderful family atmosphere.  I recently stopped by to review a 6 cut red pizza which was fresh out pf the oven and was prepared as well as the ingredients would allow.  The “tray” of pizza was a bit different from Revello’s in the sense that I didn’t detect any american cheese and the sauce was very different.  The cheese was a blend of cheddar, perhaps mozzarella, and/or another cheese that I couldn’t put my finger on.  The sauce is much more on the zesty side with plenty of seasoning – especially oregano.  For those of you who hate onions, have no fear – I couldn’t find any onions in the sauce.  The crust is among the thickest and fluffiest of the old forges, and be careful because this pizza is very light and it’s easy to eat an entire tray!  If I had to compare, I’d say this pizza is most similar to Salerno’s Cafe just down the street in Old Forge.  To check out the full review of my pizza adventure to Brutico’s, please check out the post on NEPA Pizza Review!  Also, please rate Brutico’s pizza yourself using the star rating system below!

Rating 0-5
Crust4The crust was ultra thick, fluffy, and wonderfully crispy. The thickest of all the Old Forges.
Sauce3Sauce was zesty, full bodied, and packed some flavor. NO ONIONS!
Cheese4A blend of cheeses that really had quite a bit of flavor. No American cheese like other Old Forge pizzas.
Taste3.5I liked the taste, a bit more on the gourmet side than other American cheese Old Forge Pizzas
Crispy/Cooked Properly4.75Cooked almost perfectly.
Value3Average value. About the going rate for an Old Forge Pizza.
OVERALL RATING3.75A very good Old Forge pie. A little different than the traditional OF. Most similar to Salerno's.

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